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Life and protection

Studies among consumers consistently show that people are more likely to have insurance to protect their cars and possessions than their life and health. Yet the financial hardship associated with losing a breadwinner in the family is potentially far more significant.

In this section we set out details of policies that can help offset the financial impact of unforeseen life changing events and give you peace of mind.


Critical illness cover

Most people don’t like to contemplate what would happen if they were diagnosed with a critical illness, but not considering the future could mean that, should you survive such a catastrophic event, you may not have the financial cushion you need for everyday life.

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Private health insurance

Private health insurance (also known as private medical insurance) covers the expenses incurred when you undergo private medical treatment for short-term, curable illnesses and injuries.

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Income protection

Income protection insurance is payable through monthly premiums - and in return will pay out a regular tax-free income if you are unable to work as a result of long-term sickness or disability. Many people argue that it should be an essential part of most people's financial planning.

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Life assurance

Life assurance usually pays a lump sum benefit to your beneficiaries in the event of your death and is an essential consideration if you have dependants, such as a spouse or children, who would need financial support if you were to die unexpectedly. 

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Long term care

There are a number of ways of paying for long term care, each of which comes with its own benefits, risks and requirements. Our long term care guide provides an overview of the options available to you.

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Payment protection insurance (PPI)

Payment protection insurance (PPI) covers your repayments on loans and credit cards if you are unable to make the payments on these debts as a result of being unable to work due to accident, sickness or unemployment.

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