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Everyone needs an income in retirement and investing in a pension is many people's way of achieving this. There are a range of different types of pension available, together with different options for drawing an income when you meet retirement age. 

Our range of pension guides will help you to understand your options and will introduce you to some of the more complex considerations that should be made when planning for retirement.

Guide to pensions

Pensions are likely to be your main source of income for your retirement, so saving enough to ensure that you will be comfortable for this period is essential. But what type should you go for and what happens when you retire?

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Self invested personal pensions (SIPPs) are personal pensions which allow you to choose where you want your retirement savings to be invested, instead of leaving a pension company to make the decisions.

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Stakeholder pensions

Stakeholder pensions were created by the Government to encourage people who are not eligible to join a company scheme to save for retirement and are subject to a set of minimum standards which all stakeholder pensions must meet.

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An annuity involves handing over your pension fund to an insurance company in return for a regular income when you retire. The insurer guarantees to pay you an income for the rest of your life via the annuity.

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Guide to Drawdown

Drawdown is a way of taking an income from your pension fund once you are old enough without buying an annuity. You retain control of your pension fund and therefore your investments.

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Planning for retirement

It's never too early to start planning for retirement. Our guide outlines the key financial considerations you should make in order to ensure you can support yourself financially in later life.

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