Recommend model portfolios

You can now create, manage and store risk-aligned adviser-led model portfolios in Engage Core.

Model portfolios is one of the five portfolio construction methods available, allowing you to:

  • Create an unlimited number of model portfolios, aligned to different Risk Profiles
  • Import your client’s existing holdings and compare them against your model portfolio 
  • Research compatible products and platforms using our unique ‘three-way linking’
  • Record justification and evidence suitability for your recommendation 

Easily manage your model portfolios

You can keep your model portfolios up to date by adding new versions - Engage Core will keep track of the previous versions and the model’s historic performance calculations will be based on this. In addition you can centrally create and then control distribution of your model portfolios within your firm.

Identify compatible products and platforms

Engage Core will use the preselected share class to calculate the performance and statistics, however this can be changed during the research process. Through our unique 'three-way linking' you can quickly identify a range of platforms and products which you can invest in, and opt to change this on a client-by-client basis, meaning you’re not restricted to one share class.

Evidence regulatory requirements

By risk profiling, importing your clients’ existing holdings and then comparing your model portfolio all in one place you can evidence suitability for your client. You can also use the comparison data and charts as part of your recorded justification for your recommendation.

Want to review clients’ existing portfolios against their current Risk Profile?


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