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Engage Core has a two stage process to determine a client’s agreed Risk Profile. First, assess clients’ attitude to risk by obtaining their ‘natural’ risk profile, through the completion of a psychometric questionnaire. Second, discuss their 'natural' risk profile, required return and capacity for loss to reach an ‘agreed’ Risk Profile.

Five portfolio construction methods

Once the clients’ Risk Profile is agreed, Engage Core allows you flexibility in your investment process by providing five portfolio construction methods for you to choose from: Defaqto risk rated multi-asset funds, Defaqto risk rated DFM managed portfolios, risk optimised single asset, adviser-led model portfolios and manual selection.

Five portfolio construction methods

Want to recommend adviser-led model portfolios, aligned to your clients’ Risk Profile?

Learn more about adviser-led model portfolios

Risk rated multi-asset funds

Choose from over 350 Defaqto risk rated multi-asset funds, including funds from the most popular ranges. Defaqto experts review the risk ratings quarterly, making sure you and your clients can benefit from our robust process. Access our risk rating documentation to understand each mapping, which are also updated quarterly and stored in the tool kit, including all historic versions.

Risk rated DFM managed portfolios

In addition to multi-asset funds, Defaqto experts risk rate over 500 DFM managed portfolios against Defaqto Risk Profiles to enable you to select suitable investment portfolios for your clients. 

The whole process includes not only comprehensive review of the managed portfolio services (MPSs) but also a review with the portfolio manager to ensure our Risk Rating is correct.

Adviser-led model portfolios

You can create and store an unlimited number of model portfolios aligned to Defaqto Risk Profiles, allowing you to service a wide range of clients and build your CIP all in one place. You can also add in new versions of a model portfolio. Engage Core will keep track of the previous versions and base the model’s historic performance calculations on it. 

While you can select default share class for your portfolio, during the research process you will see all the available share classes allowing you to override the default on a client-by-client basis to ensure the choice is right for them. This means you aren’t restricted to one share class and gives you and your clients greater platform choice.

Risk optimised single asset

Engage Core also lets you select risk optimised single asset to build your clients’ portfolio. Based on your clients’ agreed Risk Profiles, Engage Core will offer you suitable choices for your clients. 

Our in-house CFAs optimise the allocations quarterly against Defaqto Risk Profiles, ensuring they stay relevant to current market conditions.

Manual selection

Engage Core gives you the flexibility to nuild your own fund portfolio based on your own selection methodology should that be your preferred option.

Performance and ratios

Irrespective of which construction method you choose you will have access to rich data from which to filter, sort, rank and analyse the options to make the most suitable recommendation for your clients.

This includes:

Performance information            Ratios


  • Cumulative and annualised returns
  • Quartile rankings
  • Yields




  • Sharpe ratio
  • Volatilities
  • Alphas and betas
  • Tracking errors

Reviewing your clients’ current portfolios

You can easily import all your clients’ existing portfolios and review them against their agreed Risk Profile.

Want to review clients’ existing portfolios against their current Risk Profile?


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