CIC Compare

CIC Compare is an easy-to-use tool that helps you compare standalone, decreasing term and level term critical illness policies in under five minutes and is whole of market.

Combining Defaqto’s market knowledge and input from the product pricing experts within the industry, its unique scoring methodology supports you in providing advice to clients while being able to cater to clients’ individual needs. CIC Compare will automatically include your notes into the final report, which includes specific policy wording. 

CIC Compare is an optional add-on to any Defaqto Engage licence for an additional fee. CIC Compare can be also purchased as a standalone tool. 

Key benefits

  • Provide transparent advice that helps clients make informed decisions by comparing CIC policies easily side-by-side including critical illness condition definitions.
  • Get access to a whole of market tool.
  • An easy-to-use tool that enables you to provide comprehensive advice and allows comparisons to be made within five minutes

About the methodology

Defaqto has developed a unique methodology for scoring conditions based on the input from product pricing experts. As such, it focuses on the quality of the definition of the condition rather than just the statistical risk, which leads to better client outcomes should they be affected. CIC Compare covers 145 conditions and is whole of market. We currently score 32 conditions (including the 21 conditions set out in the ABI guidelines) accounting for 98.9% of UK claims. However, CIC Compare lets you compare policy wording of an additional 113 conditions. This coverage gives you the ability to quickly compare medical definitions for any of the 145 conditions and means advisers can cater for their clients’ individual needs.  

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