Retirement modeller

The retirement modeller prompts you to collect information about all the assets and needs your clients have, then enables you to model whether their objectives can be achieved.



The modeller has two questionnaires, the first to understand your clients’ Income Risk Profile and the second to understand what their income needs are in retirement, which looks at living costs, discretionary spend, care costs and lump sums.

Assets and income

This is where you document all the savings, pensions, defined benefits, property and any other retirement income that you clients have access to.


Takes into account any amounts your clients will be taking from their pensions, and then how that is allocated across their assets.


During the interactive modelling you can allocate income across products, increase assets or adjust income and/or living costs to understand how different approaches will affect your clients.

Document outcome

Once you are satisfied with your recommendation, the final step is to export a report, which Engage Core has automatically been creating for you. You can then either go on to the natural income workflow, if this is relevant for your client, to find a suitable portfolio for them. Or you can go onto the research workflow to find products to meet their needs.

Want to know how Engage Core helps can help you to assess suitability of income funds?


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