Fund panels

Using a fund panel saves you time, as it reduces the size of the market for you to recommend from and ensures consistency. Engage offers two options, the pre-configured Defaqto fund panel or create your own using panel manager. For larger firms or networks we also offer panel consultancy services.

Defaqto fund panel

When you licence Engage you have the option to apply the preconfigured Defaqto fund panel to your fund research. We produce panels for OEICs, ETFs, life funds and pension funds. Our in-house experts set the criteria for each panel twice a year, and so every six months you will receive the updated criteria for your evidence purposes. The Defaqto fund panel is ideal for you if you want to start your research from a selection of the best in the market.

Panel manager

Alternatively you can construct and manage your own panels for products, platforms or funds and the distribution of them across your firm using panel manager. This means that you can restrict certain members of your firm to a select number of providers, whilst giving other members access to the whole of market.

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