Defaqto’s Engage Core integration with Intelliflo’s Intelligent Office

01 October 2018

Integration between Intelliflo’s Intelligent Office and Engage Core improves accuracy for advisers and enables them to see a clear picture of their clients’ portfolio in order to offer great advice to their clients.

Engage Core supports advisers throughout the whole financial planning process. In June we launched a two-way integration for Intelligent Office users with Engage Core. This means client data, existing plans and valuations are now seamlessly passed into Engage Core automatically. Once an Adviser has finished their research, Engage Core will push their recommendation(s) back into Intelligent Office to execute. Similarly, the automatically created editable report documenting every step of the advisory process is saved to your clients’ record in Intelligent Office for future reference. Of course, the report can be also shared with your client – it even includes an easy-to-understand client summary.

The integration enables fast, efficient client reviews. Engage Core quickly analyses client’s existing portfolio against the client’s agreed risk profile and can provide guidance on how to rebalance portfolios if needed.

What is new?

Based on advisers’ feedback, we have enhanced the two-way integration with Intelligent Office to make the process even smoother.

You can now choose to launch Engage Core from a client record in Intelligent Office. This way you will go directly into the client summary screen in Engage Core.

You can also opt to launch Engage Core from a client’s existing plan in Intelligent Office. By doing so, the Client’s current plan will automatically pull through to the goal summary screen in Engage Core. This is particularly useful when carrying out a client’s regular review.

Launch Engage Core from a client’s existing plan

Launch Engage Core from a client’s existing plan

Launch Engage Core from a client record

Launch Engage Core from a client record

Using the retirement modeller

With people living longer and often opting for flexible retirement, it is more important than ever to have a discussion about your clients’ plans for the future. The Retirement modeller in Engage Core is a great tool to provide a basis for an informed conversation about your clients’ requirements for the years to come.  Thanks to the integration, your clients’ Intelligent Office retirement plans and property assets flow into Engage Core automatically, so you can use Defaqto’s retirement modeller without the need to re-key data from Intelligent Office. Advisers who are existing Intelligent Office users can also prepopulate the property tab in the very same step.

You can watch a demonstration of the integration here:


What if I don’t have an Intelligent Office license?

If you don’t have an Intelligent Office license, Engage Core capabilities will not be affected. You can still get access to an end-to-end financial planning tool profiting from Defaqto’s years of experience in financial markets. You can create your clients in Engage Core manually and store the details of your research in Engage Core. Engage Core will produce all reports in Word so you can store them safely in any other CRM, or on your file.

To learn more about our end-to-end financial planning tool, dowload a brochure or request a free trial here.

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