DFM satisfaction study 2021

by Fraser Donaldson
Insight Consultant (Funds & DFM)

February 2021

This document reviews the service provided by DFMs, as rated by financial advisers. Despite 9 out of 14 categories not meeting expectations, satisfaction has improved overall.

This independent publication helps advisers benchmark how the service they receive compares to their peers, enabling them to select partners based on service.

In our survey, we asked advisers to rate DFM providers in relation to the importance of 14 categories:

  • Investment flexibility – range of assets
  • Online facilities
  • Accessibility
  • Quality of literature
  • Provider brand
  • Quality of staff – investment
  • Investment flexibility – range of options
  • Ease of doing business
  • Remuneration
  • Existing business administration
  • Quality of staff – administration
  • Service
  • Client on-boarding
  • Provider financial strength and resource

The market continues to be dominated by a handful of firms, but we do note that there are a number that appear to be gaining traction.


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