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5 Star rated

  • Alltrust Services Limited

    The Alltrust SSAS

  • Curtis Banks

    Curtis Banks SSAS

  • D A Phillips & Co Ltd


  • Day Cooper Day

    Day Cooper Day SSAS

  • Hanover

    Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • InvestAcc Pension Administration Limited

    Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • JLT Premier Pensions

    Premier SSAS

  • Mattioli Woods

    SSAS (Formerly City Trustees)

  • Monument SSAS Limited

    Monument SSAS

  • Morgan Lloyd

    Morgan Lloyd Qualitas SSAS

  • Odyssey Pensions Limited

    Odyssey SSAS

  • Odyssey Pensions Limited

    Odyssey SSAS Light

  • Options Corporate Pensions Limited

    The Options Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • Redswan Ltd.

    Redswan SSAS

  • Rowanmoor

    Rowanmoor Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • Sovereign Pension Services (UK) Ltd

    Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • SSAS

    Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • Talbot and Muir Ltd

    Small Self-Administered Pension Schemes

  • Westerby Pension Administration Limited

    Westerby Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • Whitehall

    Whitehall SSAS

  • XPS Self Invested Pensions


  • Yorssas Ltd


4 Star rated

  • @sipp


  • AJ Bell

    Platinum SSAS

  • Barnett Waddingham LLP

    Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • Bespoke Pension Management


  • Central Tax and Trustee Planning


  • Dentons Pension Management Limited

    Dentons SSAS

  • Hartley Pensions Limited


  • iPensions Group

    The SSAS

  • Mattioli Woods

    Full Service SSAS (Formerly Taylor Patterson)

  • Mattioli Woods

    One Member SSAS (Formerly Taylor Patterson)

  • Morgan Lloyd

    Morgan Lloyd Directus SSAS

  • Organon Trustees

    Organon SSAS

  • Rowanmoor

    Defined Benefit Small Self-Administered Scheme

3 Star rated

  • Mattioli Woods

    Investment Only SSAS (Formerly Taylor Patterson)

2 Star rated

  • No products rated at this level

1 Star rated

  • Excel Pensions Ltd

    Excel Pensions SSAS

  • I.P.M. Trustees Limited

    Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • LCT Pensions Ltd

    Corporate Open Pension

  • Mattioli Woods

    Small Self-Administered Scheme

  • McCarthy Taylor Consulting Limited

    McCarthy Taylor Consulting Limited SSAS

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In addition to our Star Ratings there are Diamond Ratings for funds and fund families and Service Ratings to help you recommend suitable providers to your clients. All of the Defaqto Ratings are available within Engage, our complete financial advice solution.


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