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Defaqto is one of the UK’s most trusted sources of financial product and market intelligence, supporting financial institutions, intermediaries and consumers to make smarter financial decisions.

We maintain the UK's largest financial product database and use proprietary research methodology to develop independent ratings, reviews, insights and technology. 

By bringing together product data, technology and consumer insight we are in a unique position to help everyone make smarter, more informed financial choices now, and in the future. And in doing so we hope to raise industry standards, power consumer choice and help the industry meet evolving customer needs.

  • 4m product features updated every day
  • £42bn of investments recommended through our financial planning software each year
  • 25+ years of heritage in rating financial products
  • 88% of consumers are more likely to purchase a Defaqto-rated product
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Why we do it

Retail financial services is a complex and evolving world. There are more than 45,000 financial products and funds to choose from. That includes 18,000 funds; 6,000 home, motor and travel insurance policies; 1,000 life and protection policies; 600 wealth and pension products and 600 current accounts and credit cards.

How can consumers and financial advisers navigate this? And how can financial product providers create, differentiate and distribute the products that people really need? 

We want to give everyone confidence and certainty in their decision making. As the UK's most trusted source of financial product intelligence, we have the insights, tools and technology to help the financial services market reach its greatest potential. 

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Leadership team

Our leadership team is guiding Defaqto through our next growth phase with a combination of confident stewardship, strategic and operational excellence, and extensive experience across fintech and data services. 

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"Today's economic climate means smart financial decisions are more important than ever. When budgets are under pressure, consumers want reassurance that financial products and services are truly suited to their current needs. And advisers want the tools to support their customers through challenging times with accuracy, compliance and suitability. Everyone has important financial decisions to make, and we're here to make that easier."
John Milliken Chief Executive Officer
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Better outcomes for all

We're part of Fintel, the UK's leading fintech and support services business. 

Operating at the heart of retail financial services, Fintel provides technology, expertise and insights to help the market operate more effectively and inspire better outcomes for all.

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Are you passionate about helping everyone make smarter financial decisions for a brighter financial future?

Our mission to use our top-rated expertise to help people get ahead extends to our own teams too.

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