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A third of advisers routinely use six financial planning systems

That’s six different systems to purchase, learn, and run together. Integrating these into one seamless process can boost efficiency: saving time, reducing costs and delivering a smoother customer experience. 

Get extra peace of mind knowing that it’s powered by Defaqto’s data, including more than 18,000 funds, platforms and products. This is recognised by advisers and consumers as a trusted source of financial product and market intelligence.

Today, more than 30% of advisers are using Engage to give their businesses a competitive edge, with recommendations of £42bn going through the system.

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Faster workflow

  • Generate a suitability report in just 30 minutes – a time saving of 66% – and run client reviews in just 10 minutes.
  • Cut through time-consuming complexity with one simple solution that prevents key information being duplicated or missed.
  • Quickly match clients to suitable products by aligning cashflow modelling, risk profiling, client reviews and investment strategies to your advice process. 
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Lower costs

  • Buy one comprehensive financial planning tool to support you across the entire customer lifecycle, instead of investing in multiple licences.
  • Save money on staff costs with fewer training sessions and less management time.
  • Work smarter with fewer outgoings, freeing up more budget for business critical activities.  
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Better outcomes

  • Offer the best advice every time, with comprehensive research data combined with robust and consistent methodology.
  • Understand your clients’ attitude to risk from the beginning, and explore realistic returns against their goals.
  • Build positive relationships with clients by having the choice and insight to deliver on their needs and earn their trust.
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Greater compliance

  • Reduce compliance risk with consistent methodology and a repeatable advice process that supports ongoing suitability.
  • Know that data is accurate and timely, and always meets the latest regulatory requirements, including ESG, PROD, MiFID and Consumer Duty.
  • Manage and check client data at the touch of a button, with integrated tools such as Intelliflo Office and Xplan.

How Engage works

Give smarter advice with expertly developed, seamless financial planning software.

Key features

Risk profile

Step one is to identify and agree your clients’ attitude to investment risk, for either accumulation or decumulation.

  • Use built-in risk profiling to capture your client’s agreed risk level. 
  • Choose from a variety of market-leading risk profile questionnaires.
  • Generate projection graphs that show potential returns and losses, and facilitate open discussions with clients. 


We have 60 analysts continually researching the market, to give you a full market view of the latest offerings.

  • Access accurate data on more than 18,000 funds, platforms and products, so you know you’re making the right recommendations for your clients.
  • Create and manage built-in templates that suit your central investment proposition and client base, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time.
  • Choose from a range of workflows, from risk-rated multi-asset funds to discretionary fund manager (DFM) portfolios, or build your own model portfolio. 

Recommend & report

Save time and money, and demonstrate robust compliance, with clear reports and audit trails.

  • Generate a full audit report, fund factsheets, fund KIIDS and PRIPS, and product information such as key features and T&Cs, and access them all from one place.
  • Produce comprehensive reports, with content pulled from your research and automatically referenced for a clear audit of your recommendation.
  • Add your firm’s logo to every report to help build your brand reputation.


Make sure portfolios start strong and evolve with clients’ needs, with a simple review process that suits both new and existing clients.

  • Check that investments continue to match agreed risk levels in a few easy steps; revisit client goals and objectives using previously saved cashflow models. 
  • Monitor performance and charges (including MiFID costs). 
  • Show your clients their full portfolio and progress toward their financial goals in the Client Summary hub, then follow up with a client summary report.

Additional modules available

Cashflow Modelling

Model different scenarios to see how they will impact a client’s lifestyle each year, pre and post-retirement.

Pension Switching

Compare multiple scenarios to gauge whether clients should stay or switch their pensions.

Product and Platform Switching

Total cost comparison tool allows you to compare multiple platforms, GIAs, ISAs, Junior ISAs, and bond scenarios quickly and easily.

CIC Compare

See current and historic critical illness policies side by side, covering 145 conditions.

Consistent methodology

Across all workflows, all modules, every advice process and every investment solution.


With proven robust risk rating processes for both accumulation and decumulation.


Free training and ongoing technical assistance for the lifetime of the licence.


Join more than 30% of UK advisers who are already using Engage and benefiting from Defaqto’s 25 years’ experience.

"Defaqto Engage gives you access to a lot of information and everything is integrated. I know the data will be accurate and unbiased. Ultimately, it will provide more accurate forecasts. My clients like it too. As soon as they hear or see Defaqto, they recognise the name from Star Ratings. I can talk about the system we use, and they have confidence in it."
Matthew Lee DipPFS CeMAP Senior Partner at Westside Independent Financial Services LLP

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Partnering with us

Working with Defaqto brings you more than just market-leading products and data. Our world-class service means you’ll also enjoy access to our expertise and ongoing support. 

Our insight experts are always happy to discuss the product and industry landscape as it relates to your own business. While personalised training options for you and your staff are available to help you get the most out of our services. 

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  • run risk profiling, research and investment recommendations for new clients
  • review your clients’ portfolios against agreed objective and risk requirements
  • use cashflow modelling, pension switching, product and platform switching and CIC compare.

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