Defaqto Compare

By enabling you to showcase your products' key features versus competitor offerings, Defaqto Compare:

  • Helps drive sales conversions and customer retention - it facilitates instant seller identification and straightforward communication of your product’s USPs
  • Supports your customers’ brand experience by facilitating greater transparency of what your product offers compared to competitors’
  • Reduces your compliance risk and cost by helping you evidence TCF outcomes through the timely provision of information to customers

It can be used in a call centre or branch environment, or as a customer-facing tool on your website. 

Driving sales and customer retention

Compare enables sellers to spend more time on the front line as it is a simple tool requiring minimal training. It also enhances seller confidence in the product and their ability to handle customer objections effectively.

The software also facilitates a feature-based approach to product differentiation, helping to counteract a price-only focus.

In addition, Compare allows you to assess the sales impact of the software and, ultimately, the return on investment. 

Supporting your customers' brand experience

Compare enhances the customer journey by enabling greater transparency of what your product offers versus the wider market.

When used online, it empowers customers to do their own research - enriching the customer experience.

Reducing your compliance risk and cost

The software helps you evidence the provision of information to customers before, during and after the point of sale. 

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