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5 Star rated

  • AXA Art Insurance plc

    TailorMade Motor

  • Azur Underwriting

    Private Client Group Motor Insurance

  • Chubb European Group Ltd

    Masterpiece Motor

  • Chubb European Group Ltd

    Masterpiece Signature Motor

  • Covea Insurance plc

    Executive Motor

  • DUAL Private Client

    Aurum Motor Insurance

  • Hiscox

    Motor Insurance

4 Star rated

  • Home & Legacy

    Ultimate Motor Insurance

3 Star rated

  • Aviva

    Distinct Motor

  • AXA XL

    Motor Insurance

  • Confidas

    Motor (Lux)

  • Confidas

    Motor (Max)

  • KGM Motor Insurance

    High Net Worth Motor Insurance

  • Land Rover Insurance

    Private Car Insurance (Chubb)

  • Markerstudy Insurance Services

    Family Marque Enhance (ZM)

  • Markerstudy Insurance Services

    Family Marque Exceed (ZM)

  • Zurich Private Clients


2 Star rated

  • Markerstudy Insurance Services

    Family Maque Expect (ZM)

1 Star rated

  • Clegg Gifford & Co

    HomeFleet (Tradex)

  • First Underwriting


  • Footman James

    Multi Vehicle Motor Insurance

  • RSA

    High Net Worth Car Insurance

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Our Star Ratings are updated every year on 1 February. Throughout the year we review the criteria with the industry and conduct market research to set robust standards. Our ratings are published here, on our website, ensuring transparency.


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