When to use it

Engage can be used for both accumulation and decumulation as well as other areas such as protection and other product research.


Grow your clients' wealth with the Risk Profiled Workflow. This includes various investment solutions as well as the additional Pension Switching module which is an optional add-on.

Integrated risk profiling allows seamless investment research matched to your clients’ agreed Risk Profile.


Income Drawdown

Our new and unique Income Drawdown workflow allows you to assess the impact that drawing a regular income has on a clients’ accumulated wealth.

Using the workflow, you’ll be able to develop a robust audit trail of:

  • the clients’ required income level and duration
  • the sequencing risk they are prepared to take
  • the potential impact of sequencing risk on longevity and residual value
  • what income level is sustainable
  • and a selection of suitable investment funds

Natural Income Workflow

Your clients in the decumulation stage may be interested in regular income generated using Natural Income Workflow.

Engage has a robust process for risk rating income funds that allows advisers to match against the clients’ agreed Natural Income Risk Profile.

We look at several criteria including:

  • historic income and capital volatility
  • income consistency
  • capital drawdown
  • asset allocation

Other research areas

Alongside accumulation and decumulation Engage also provides research on protection, Cash ISAs and other products.

Using a similar framework, you can compare different policies across a number of features to find the most appropriate for your clients.

There is also an additional module CIC Compare available enabling you to compare critical illness policy definitions of current and historic CIC contracts to establish if rebroking should be recommended.

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