ESG Reviews

Defaqto ESG Reviews have been created by the Defaqto Funds & DFM Insight team in conjunction with the fund and managed portfolio managers, through an interview process, and provide a valuable resource to assist advisers in assessing funds and MPS from an ESG point of view.

The reviews consider the ESG (environmental, social and governance) policy of a fund as well as evidence as to whether or not the fund is following that policy.

Other aspects looked at in our ESG Reviews include:

  • the fund’s levels of ESG integration
  • the manager’s voting and engagement policies and records
  • the team and wider ESG resources behind the fund
  • the fund’s alignment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Here you can view a full list of all the funds that have been reviewed.

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ESG Glossary

Our ESG glossary aims to assist you with understanding the various terminology used regarding ESG.

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