Consultancy services

Product lifecycle management support

Managing your product lifecycle is a complex task and our experts can assist you along the way - from support for proposition design and development to product launch and ongoing review and audit.

Our solutions help increase sales and retention through more impactful marketing messages and better informed proposition related decision making. We are also able to reduce your business compliance risk through our independent, whole of market and robust analyst. Further, we save you the time and cost of gathering and analysing whole of market data in-house. 

Bespoke opinion research

Independent research is often a critical element of both proposition development and marketing communication.

Our in-house opinion research function combined with our extensive adviser reach enables us to serve a wide range of requirements in this area.

Our bespoke research supports product development by testing your proposition with our extensive database of advisory contacts. Through our robust analysis and independence, it also helps you develop credible external messaging to inform your communications activity. It also saves you the time and cost involved by providing a one stop shop solution for your opinion research requirements.

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