Defaqto Ratings

In an increasingly competitive financial services market, differentiating your proposition is becoming an absolute must. How do you overcome the ultimate challenge of effectively communicating the value of your proposition over competitors’ and engaging consumers and advisers?

Defaqto Ratings are an unbiased assessment of quality - from an independent and trusted brand - helping people instantly understand where a proposition sits in the market.

They are therefore a powerful tool for helping you meet this challenge.

More than 300 brands use Defaqto Ratings in their marketing communications:

  • An easy and impactful way of communicating the quality of your proposition to new and existing customers and/or advisers
  • An independent and well recognised assessment that can be trusted
  • Helping generate greater understanding and confidence about the quality of your proposition within your business

Diamond Ratings

Diamond Ratings help advisers, and their clients, see at a glance where a fund or fund family sits in the market based on both performance and a range of key qualitative attributes.

Star Ratings

We rate more than 90 separate areas, including Platforms and Discretionary Fund Management - across Bespoke solutions, Managed Portfolios and MPS on Platform - in the professional advised space. Star Ratings assess propositions from 1 to 5 based on the quality and comprehensiveness of the features and benefits they offer.

Service Ratings

To help advisers compare where providers sit in the market, Defaqto Service Ratings indicate the level of service a provider offers their intermediary customers - based on the views of advisers themselves.

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