Broker Compare

Quickly review your recommended product features versus alternative or competitor offerings with our web-based software solution Broker Compare. It's quick and easy to use, provides instant renewal comparisons and supports a compliant process with whole of market data.

strengthen-slient-adviceBoost sales and improve retention rates

The simplicity of our traffic light system, combined with the exporting and comparison features of Defaqto Engage
allow you to move beyond price alone. These features enable you to truly demonstrate the strengths of your recommended product against the potential weaknesses of alternative, less expensive products across the whole of market. 

Manage regulatory risk

Broker Compare helps you justify product recommendations. The software lets you export or print a product or a policy’s range of features. You can use these to reason with your client at point of sale or to produce Demands and Needs reports.

Create cost and time savings

Broker Compare delivers the product to meet your client’s needs at the touch of a button and in a matter of seconds.
The software makes the reporting, analysis, recommendation and review processes simple.


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