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5 Star rated

  • Allianz

    Complete Retailer

  • Aviva

    Pub And Wine Bar Policy (Fast Trade)

  • Barclays

    Complete Retailer

  • NFU Mutual

    Business Insurance - Caterer

  • NIG

    Business Package (E Product)

4 Star rated

  • No products rated at this level

3 Star rated

  • Ageas

    Commercial Guard - Shopkeepers

  • APC

    Licensed Premises

  • AXA Insurance

    Restaurants, Wine Bars And Public Houses

  • Cactus Cover

    Licensed Premises

  • iprism

    Restaurants Wine Bars And Public Houses

  • RSA


  • Zurich Commercial

    Pubs & Restaurant

2 Star rated

  • Covea Insurance plc


  • New India Assurance

    Hotels, Guest & Public Houses

1 Star rated

  • Commercial Express

    Public House Policy

  • Maltings Insurance

    Shops Pubs And Restaurant Insurance

  • One Commercial

    Leisure Insurance



Our Star Ratings are updated every year on 1 February. Throughout the year we review the criteria with the industry and conduct market research to set robust standards. Our ratings are published here, on our website, ensuring transparency.


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